Friday, July 31, 2015

Mid-Ohio Verizon IndyCar Series: Practice 2

Pocono NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Practice

Pocono ARCA Racing Series Presented by Menards: Practice

Mid-Ohio Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires: Practice 2

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U.S. 43 Dragway Setup: Weekly Bracket Racing

ETHRIDGE TN - U.S. 43 Dragway will have weekly bracket racing on Saturday (1st). Classes include Super Pro, No-Box and Jr. Dragster.

  • Gates Open: 3:00 pm
  • Time Trials: 4:00
  • General Admission: $10

Pocono NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Practice 1

Mid-Ohio Verizon IndyCar Series: Practice 1

Tater Town Raceway Setup: Weekly Bracket Racing

GLEASON TN - Tater Town Raceway will have bracket racing on Saturday (1st).

  • Gates Open: 4:00 pm
  • Racing: 7:00

Mid-Ohio Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires: Practice 1

Middle Tennessee Dragway Setup: Weekly Bracket Racing

Mid-Ohio IndyCar, Indy Lights Schedule

Pocono, Iowa NASCAR Schedules

All times are ET


-- 11 a.m.-12:25 p.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series practice, NBCSN/Live Extra (Leaderboard)
-- 2-4:25 p.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series final practice, FOX Sports 1 (Leaderboard)
-- 4:30-5:50 p.m.: NASCAR XFINITY Series practice, Live Extra
-- 4:45 p.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Coors Light Pole Qualiyfing, NBCSN/Live Extra(Leaderboard)
-- 7-8:20 p.m.: NASCAR XFINITY Series final practice, NBCSN/Live Extra (Leaderboard)
-- 9 p.m. ET: NASCAR K&N Pro Series race (150 laps/131.25 miles) (

GARAGECAM (Watch live)

-- 10:30 a.m.: Sprint Cup Series
-- 1:30 p.m.: Camping World Truck Series
-- 10 a.m.: Kyle Busch
-- 10:45 a.m.: Tyler Reddick
-- 1:15 p.m.: Matt Crafton
-- 1:30 p.m.: Martin Truex Jr.
-- 1:45 p.m.: Jeff Gordon
-- 2 p.m.: Dale Earnhardt Jr.
-- 5:45 p.m. (approx.): Post-NASCAR Sprint Cup Series qualifying press conferences


-- 9-9:50 a.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series practice, NBCSN/Live Extra (Leaderboard)
-- 10 a.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Keystone Light Pole Qualifying, FOX Sports 1 (Leaderboard)
-- 11:35 a.m.-12:25 p.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series final practice, NBCSN/Live Extra(Leaderboard)
-- 1 p.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Pocono Mountains 150 (60 laps, 150 miles), FOX Sports 1 (Leaderboard)
-- 4:45 p.m.: NASCAR XFINITY Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying, NBCSN/Live Extra(Leaderboard)
-- 8 p.m.: NASCAR XFINITY Series U.S. Cellular 250 Presented by New Holland (250 laps, 218.75 miles), NBCSN/Live Extra (Leaderboard
-- 2:15 p.m. (approx.): Post-NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race press conferences


-- 1:30 p.m.: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Windows 10 400 (160 laps, 400 miles), NBCSN/Live Extra (Leaderboard)
-- 4:45 p.m. (approx.): Post-NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race press conferences

Weekly Schedule: 7/27 to 8/2/2015

Tuesday, July 28th
  • Beech Bend Raceway Park: Tuesday Night Street Drags (setup)(rained out)
  • Music City Raceway: Street Drags (setup)(rained out)
  • World of Outlaws at Ohsweken Speedway (Ont)
    • 2 - Donny Schatz (Mike Curb)
    • 5 - Daryn Pittman (Mike Curb)
    • 7 - Brad Sweet (Mike Curb)
    • 17 - Paul McMahan (Nashville)
Wednesday, July 29
  • Clarksville Speedway: Drag Test & Tune (setup)
Friday, July 31
  • Beech Bend Raceway Park: Bottom Bulb Battle (setup)
  • Clarksville Speedway: Weekly Bracket Racing (setup)
  • Middle Tennessee Dragway: Test & Tune, Trophy Racing (setup)
  • Music City Raceway: Friday Fun Drags (setup)
  • U.S. 43 Dragway: Test & Tune (setup)
Saturday, August 1
  • Beech Bend Raceway Park: Bottom Bulb Battle (setup)
  • Camden Speedway: Weekly Dirt Racing
  • Clarksville Speedway: Weekly Dirt Racing
  • Crossville Raceway: Weekly Dirt Racing
  • Fairgrounds Speedway: Monthly Asphalt Racing
  • Jackson Dragway: Terry Mills Memorial Race
  • Middle Tennessee Dragway: Weekly Bracket Racing (setup)
  • Music City Raceway: Weekly Bracket Racing [$2,500-to-win Super Pro, $2,000-to-win Super Gas]
  • Tater Town Raceway: Weekly Bracket Racing (setup)
  • Thunderhill Raceway: Tennessee Triple Thunder
  • U.S. 43 Dragway: Weekly Bracket Racing (setup)
  • Wartburg Speedway: Weekly Dirt Racing
  • Winchester Speedway: Weekly Dirt Racing
Sunday: August 2
  • Beech Bend Raceway Park: Bottom Bulb Battle (setup)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beech Bend Raceway Park Setup: Bottom Bulb Battle

 Bottom Bulb Battle at Beech Bend Raceway Park


Music City Raceway Setup: Friday Fun Drags

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Clarksville Speedway Setup: Weekly Bracket Racing, Midnight Madness

Friday, July 31st

No Box $800/22 All Classes Racing (Drag Strip)
  • 5:00pm-11:00pm
  • Gate Open at 5pm time Runs at 6:30 and Racing at 8pm
  • $10.00 Per Person / 10 and under Free
  • No Box $10.00 + 25.00=$35.00 Per Car and Driver 2 rounds of Buy Backs $25.00
  • Sportsman Street $10.00 + $10.00= $20.00 Per Car and Driver 2 rounds of Buy Back $10.00
  • Street Trophy 10.00 + $5.00= $15.00 Per Car and Driver 2 rounds of Buy Backs $5.00
  • Jr Dragsters $10.00 + $5.00= $15.00 Per Car and Driver 1 round of Buy Back $10.00
  • Bikes $10.00 + $15.00= $25.00 per Car and Driver 1 round of Buy Back $15.00
  • Test and Tune $10.00 + $10.00 per Car and Driver
Midnight Madness
  • 10:30pm-1:30am
  • 10:30 to 1:30 (or after Bracket racing is done) Gate is $5.00 per person all ages and $10.00 more to run.

U.S. 43 Dragway Setup: Test & Tune

ETHRIDGE TN - U.S. 43 Dragway will have test & tune on Friday (31st). Gates open at 6:00 pm.

Middle Tennessee Dragway Setup: Test & Tune, Trophy Racing

Steven Luboniecki: Indy not a great experience

Commentary by Steven Luboniecki

Steven Luboniecki
The home of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, appears to be having management or financial problems. Those in my party left considering the decision to return next year or not. The Speedway IN track exhibited several symptoms that were obvious to fans during the running of the Indianapolis 500 in May and again during the Brickyard 400 this past weekend. Not only were fans commenting, so were vendors and volunteers.

There are several corporations that make up the conglomerate of the operations. According to the Hoover (Dunn and Bradstreet) website, there were four corporations listed. The listed sales figures did not come close to totaling ticket sales for this past weekend. One of those that were listed had a credit rating of “low."

Concession stands in May were the first frustration. Lines were very long, amounting to wait times of over 25 minutes along the front straight. And with the long wait, fans were sometimes greeted with, “I’m sorry, we are sold out of that.” While the inability to purchase a cold beer is not the end of the world, it is a dissatisfies many. The concession stands had the beer sign up, and the facility’s policy was posted. Despite these signs, fans who had stood in those long lines were told that there was no beer for sale.

Local TV reported a new approach to concessions during the Indy 500. The idea was to do away with the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers. Indiana’s finest services were to bring a better food product to the track. In May, none of our party could find these products. This past weekend, we actively looked for the improved food. The only thing we found was a line of booths like you find at a large county fair. These were located on the service road fans walked from the starting line to vendor’s village. It hardly lived up to what was advertised.

Finding a seat for the Xfinity race this past Saturday was a frustrating experience. When promoters do not sell out a support race, it is common for tracks to close entire sections of seating. That is a prudent cost cutting measure. Keeping it a secret is not.

We purchased our tickets in advance. It would have been nice to have known in advance about the closed sections. Website updates or emails are not that expensive. In previous visits to the track, we were able to sit near the fourth turn exit on the main straight. That section was closed. The first open section was almost a half mile away. Fortunately we were healthy and could easily make the walk, but there are things that could have made this more enjoyable.

Had we known in advance, we would have changed our parking plans. Volunteers were not informed. As we walked up to closed section after closed section, the vigilant answered our questions about which sections were open, they would shrug their shoulders and say, “I don’t know. Down there somewhere. You just have to keep walking”. Would it been so hard to brief them in the morning?

Volunteers policed the closed sections as if it were a national security issue. Eagle eyed protectors of property chased away trespassers on sight. Common sense and courtesy were absent. One family violated the “no sit zone” and was greeted by the yellow shirted man. The family had traversed about 90% of the walk and was turned around, made to walk back the long way. Body language and hand gestures were clear. “Can’t we walk the few feet and get out this way?” The yellow shirt repeatedly motioned, “No. You must turn around and walk out the way you came in.”  Another hardened trespasser sat in the wrong section, about eight feet from the tape and was shooed out.

While there may be some insurance reasons for this, courtesy would be nice. When people came up the section, show them where they are allowed to sit.

It was impossible to find out where drivers were running during Saturday’s Xfinity race. From our shaded seats, we could not see the jumbotron or the pylon. With the cars strung out over the course, there was no quiet period where the track announcer could be heard. When there was a caution, he gave no run-down of the top 5. Lapped cars mixed in with front runners and you had to trust your instinct. There appeared to be one possible source of information. Under the roof, there were leader boards that would show who were running in the top positions. Just one problem. All that was displayed was the lap number for the entire race.

Start times for this Saturday’s race and Sunday’s was the same – 3:30 pm. On Saturday we drove in around 7:30 and parked in the Coke Lot.  We repeated our procedure Sunday, only to be greeted by a volunteer, violently waving his arms that we should not park there, despite the fact we were prominently displaying a valid parking pass in the windshield. Two groups of cars were already in the lot, neatly lined up at opposite ends of the front row.

The attendant announced that the lot would not open until 9:00. When asked how the cars got in to park ahead of us, one yellow shirt strung up the cable to close the entrance. The bearded hand waver told us, “They snuck in."  Another yellow shirt came up to the car and said they were “Leftovers from the night before.” Great, how do we kill an hour and half, and why the change in policy.

If I had snuck in or left my car there overnight, I would not be just setting up my canopy, barbeque, chairs, Corn Hole games, etc.

If I had snuck in, I would not neatly park next the to car ahead of me. I would park where ever I wanted. When people fill a movie theater, they do not start sitting in the first seat on the front row and fill in the seats left to right with no vacant seats in between.

If I had left my car overnight, I would have left it where I parked it. Probably, someone would be charged with enforcing camping and would have been around to collect a camping fee. As above, the only people who stayed would not be those eight to ten cars all in a row. Chances are, there would be beverage cans, campfire ashes, or full trash bags.

Given this situation, it would not be too much of a stretch of your imagination to believe they were letting their friends in to get the better spaces.

When I went to buy a program, the counter worker told me they were sold out. He said the entire site was sold out and management did not order enough. This was prior to the National Anthem before the green flag. I will hold my thoughts on the quality of that performance.

Still commenting on Sunday’s Sprint Cup Race, I must say that fan experience was pleasurable, even though the drivers I was cheering for did not win.

The final disappointment was on leaving our parking lot. Before we headed to the track for the day, the customer service person advised us of a convenient route out the back way of the lot. Evidently, it had been in use for many years. This, until this year. During the race a cable had been strung up and a lock applied.

To the officials who responded to my invitation to hear my complaint, I was not threatening you as you were baiting me to do. I simply told you I would write this article and not identify you. And, I have written that article now.

To sum up the weekend, the highlights were the visits to the Dallara Indy Car Factory and the Indianapolis Museum of Art for the Dream Cars exhibit.

From a fan’s perspective, the Sprint Cup race was average. We could follow what was going on, but the cars were too strung out and there was little side by side action. On Saturday, the Xfinity Race was a waste of money and we have decided we will not return for that event.

Rude and uninformed volunteers and workers, along with sudden changes in policy made the day disappointing. Running out of concessions and souvenirs merely shows that somebody was afraid of too much spoilage and did not want to lose money that way.

The facility can accommodate 400,000 fans. Local media reported that speedway management felt that while ticket sales were down, if they got 75,000 fans, they would be satisfied. It was hard to imagine that the stands were 20-25% full.  I bet managers are counting their sales carefully this week. Next year, they need to lower your their goal to 74,998 as two regular customers will not be returning on Saturday.

(Steven Luboniecki is a regular contributor and Chief Photographer for Middle Tennessee Racing Scene. He didn't tell us if he tried to get a coke. He can be reached at

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Iowa NASSCAR Xfinity Series: Entry List

Mt. Juliet resident Johanna Long has been added and will drive the #97 for Victor Obaika.

Pocono ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards: Entry List

Duck River Images: Saturday 7/18/2015 - Part 4 (Pure Pony)

Duck River Raceway Park, 7/18/2015 (Steven Luboniecki photo for Middle Tennessee Racing Scene)

Duck River Raceway Park, 7/18/2015 (Steven Luboniecki photo for Middle Tennessee Racing Scene)

Duck River Raceway Park, 7/18/2015 (Steven Luboniecki photo for Middle Tennessee Racing Scene)

Duck River Raceway Park, 7/18/2015 (Steven Luboniecki photo for Middle Tennessee Racing Scene)

Duck River Raceway Park, 7/18/2015 (Steven Luboniecki photo for Middle Tennessee Racing Scene)
(Steven Luboniecki photos for Middle Tennessee Racing Scene)

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Pocono NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Setup: Johnny Sauter


Johnny Sauter
SANDUSKY OH - Johnny Sauter, driver of the No. 98 Nextant Aerospace/Curb Records Toyota Tundra will make his sixth start at Pocono Raceway in Saturday afternoon's Pocono Mountains 150. In five starts at the the 2.5-mile Long Pond, Pa. track, Sauter has two top-five finishes. At a track the Necedah WI driver considers, "not his favorite," the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series veteran earned a track-best start of sixth, and a track-best finish of second at the Tricky Triangle in 2014. As one of only five drivers to compete in all five races at Pocono Raceway, Sauter aims to improve on his previous result, and bring home his first win of the 2015 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season on Saturday afternoon.

Sounding Off - Johnny Sauter
"Pocono isn't my favorite. It's an interesting place, it's unique. Our race is really short, and I think that adds an interesting element to our race versus some of the other races there. I would expect, judging off what I've experienced this year, that track position will be ultra important. You will probably see some guys make some green flag pit stops early in the race, when they know they can make it the rest of the way on fuel. You will probably see two tire pit stops; running the entire race on their left sides. I can see it being a track position race more than anything.
 "The tunnel turn has been my achilies heel for whatever reason. Turn 1 is easy, and I have a good feel for that. The tunnel turn however has just been hard for me to get a hold of. Turn 3 is a pretty common corner, I guess you could say. You have to make sure to get a good exit because you have the long straightaway, so  you're not bogged down. Turn 3 is a flat-track corner, but you're going a lot faster getting into that corner than you would be anywhere else, so it changes it up a little bit. There's nothing else you can relate the tunnel turn to, as far as race tracks we go to, it just so unique."

News & Notes
  • Chassis Chatter... The No. 98 ThorSport Racing team will unload chassis No. 45 for Saturday's Pocono Mountains 150. This chassis was last seen at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth (June). Sauter started fourth and finished fourth. This particular chassis was also run at Atlanta Motor Speedway in March. Sauter started 13th and finished sixth.
    • Off-Weekend Fun... Sauter won the 2015 Larry Detjens Memorial race on Saturday, July 25th at State Park Speedway in Wausau WI.
    • 2015 Season Review... In 11 starts in 2015, Sauter has completed 1,817 of 1820 (99.8%) of laps attempted, and has led 18 laps en route to four top-five and seven top-10 finishes
    • Pocono Possibilities...ThorSport Racing, Toyota, and Triad Racing Technologies are looking for their first wins at Pocono Raceway in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.  
    • Previous Race Recap... Sauter started seventh and finished 22nd in the 3rd Annual 1-800-Car-Cash Mud Summer Classic at Eldora Speedway.
    (Nashville's Mike Curb is the listed owner of the #98 ThorSport Racing Nextant Aerospace/Curb Records Toyota Tundra driven by Johnny Sauter)

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